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  • Jimmy Butzine – New Berlin West Middle School
    “After working with Ryan in a traditional studio I made the move to online lessons and we never missed a beat. The video cameras make it easy to see and learn.”
  • Bruce Enck – Online Student
    “The online lesson format is extremely efficient & highly effective! Ryan has a multitude of online tools & multimedia to incorporate into the lesson plan which provides the student the full spectrum of drumming education. I’ve been studying with Ryan online for over three years & it is a real-time interactive experience.”
  • Dave Culver – U.S. Air Force
    … “His preparation advanced me to become accepted at Berklee College of Music, and also gave me the skills to become a prospering, life-long drummer. Ryan is the real deal; I couldn’t want anything more from a drum instructor.”
  • Nathan Gerlach – Director of Bands, Cambridge High School
    … “What impresses me the most about Ryan is his vast knowledge of many different styles of music and his ability to work with many different ensembles…I really appreciated his willingness to work with our students during our marching season along with taking extra time to work with me. I would give my highest recommendation to Ryan Schiedermayer and his teaching of percussion.”
  • Meredith Marks – Stanford University
    … “I’ve had the pleasure of working with many musical professionals through lessons, but Ryan definitely steals the show. Right from the beginning, I knew he was the kind of person that I would be able to get along with really well because he was always patient and helpful, but knew how to make lessons most effective. From mastering the basics to learning full-length songs, Ryan was incredible at leading me through the steps and pushing me towards success.”


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