I began my live, online teaching business in 2015 after moving to California from Wisconsin. Having been an in-person educator for over twenty years, and renting out costly studio space to teach over 40 students, my goal in building this new online teaching business had two major advantages. First, I wanted to have the flexibility to teach live, private instruction from my home, or anywhere I am. And second, I wanted to retain and gain students from across the country, and ultimately, around the world.

To achieve my goal, I created an online music lesson “blueprint” – an online teaching system that is customized with the right mix of hardware and software applications to make a seamless live, online teaching experience that’s just as effective as in-person lesson.

This did not happen overnight. Creating a seamless live video lesson “blueprint” had lots of challenges. It included everything from creating a stable internet connection to minimize lag, having proper location and lighting for an in-person experience for my students, and being able to address technical issues while still trying to teach!

And, I’ve added special effects and features to make my teaching experience and lessons even more engaging for my students, including written notation, multi-channel audio routing, DAW • VST • MIDI drum integration and multiple camera angles.

In 2020, the online teaching format became more of a reality to educators around the world. I want to help you navigate through uncharted waters by offering professional consultation to create your own online teaching business.




Empower fellow music educators around the world to create and grow their teaching business from set up, configuration and implementation.

• Create the ultimate teaching experience from anywhere you are, and anywhere your students are, virtually.

• Reduce your business operating costs of in-person instruction – cutting high studio rental fees, transportation, etc.


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  • Beau – Online Guitar Instructor, Musician
    “For years, I dreamed of teaching online music lessons but I didn’t know how to go about it…Then I met Ryan. I was impressed to find out that he had converted to online lessons and created a template of his own. He struck me as a genuine person and easy to get along with…”
  • Matt – Online Drum Instructor, Musician
    “When schools closed down in March I was forced to adapt and quickly learn to teach virtually… I thought I had a pretty good grasp on everything but working with Ryan took my online lessons to the next level. Now that everything is opening back up I plan to continue to teach most of my lessons from the comfort of my own home. Thanks Ryan!”